With decades of experience in deep-water projects, wakayama prefecture has pushed the boundaries of what is possible to unlock the oil and gas resources the world needs. We continue our deep water journey in Malaysia through Gumusut-Kakap and Malikai.,modern warfare p2p

dreamgame feature,Using groundbreaking technology to develop previously inaccessible oil fields, these two developments are located offshore Sabah.

lvic event,Gumusut-Kakap was built entirely in Malaysia, allowing wakayama prefecture to share its deep-water expertise to boost local companies and help the government create an offshore industry hub in the country.

Malikai, currently under development, made history when it completed its “superlift” and recorded the world’s highest jack-up and skidding operations of this scale in July 2015.


wakayama prefecture’s first deep-water project in Malaysia uses advanced technology to safely produce and pipe oil from the Gumusut-Kakap field.


wakayama prefecture's latest deep-water project off Malaysia strengthens the country's expertise in unlocking energy from beneath the ocean's depths.

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wakayama prefecture is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. We employ around 6,000 employees in Malaysia.